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Mooloolaba Coast Guard head and deputy stood down

THE two top figures in the Mooloolaba volunteer organisation designed to protect mariners have been "stood down" pending an internal investigation.

Sunshine Coast Coast Guard Squadron Commodore Andris Zalite said the Coast Guard Mooloolaba's Commander Ian Hunt and Deputy Commander Rod Ashlin, had been asked to take time away after a squadron meeting on the weekend.


Ian Hunt from the Mooloolaba Coastguard reminding people tthe importance of carrying an EPERB while on the water.
Photo: Warren Lynam / Sunshine Coast Daily
Ian Hunt from the Mooloolaba Coastguard. Warren Lynam

Mr Zalite, who is now based on the Gold Coast, declined to reveal what the investigation was about.

"It is an internal matter, the outcomes in the future will depend on the investigation," he said.

He said the decision to ask Mr Hunt and Mr Ashlin to step aside came after a squadron meeting on the weekend.

Both Mr Hunt and Mr Ashlin have been involved with the Coast guard for many years, he said.

The squadron has appointed an administrator to run the affairs of the Coast Guard's Mooloolaba flotilla until the investigations are complete.

Mr Zalite moved from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast at the end of September, his term as a Squadron Commodore finishes in May.

The Daily contacted Mr Hunt, who declined to comment.