TONY Phillipsaap

More Aussies ditch booze and cigarettes

AUSTRALIANS are continuing to stub out the cigarettes and ditch the booze, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics figures.

The new National Health Survey revealed 14.5% of adults were daily smokers in 2014-15, continuing a downward trend since the turn of the millennium.

Daily smokers made up 16% of the adult population in 2011-12 and 22% in 2001.

Risky drinking also dropped, with 17% of adults consuming more than the recommended maximum of two standard alcoholic drinks a day last financial year, down from 19% in 2011-12.

Men were almost three times more likely than women to drink at dangerous levels.

ABS spokeswoman Louise Gates said about 19,000 people participated in the survey.

"Across the board, smoking rates reflect a decrease over the last 15 years, particularly for people under 45 years," she said. "However, there are still around 2.6 million adult Australians who smoke daily."

Ms Gates said obesity levels remained a concern.

"Overall, more men are overweight or obese (71%) than women (56%), and children aged five to 17 remain at about 27%," she said.