Zelda the golden labrador is up for adoption via the Northern Rivers Animal Services.
Zelda the golden labrador is up for adoption via the Northern Rivers Animal Services.

More people keen to foster a pet on Northern Rivers

WITH far more locals able to work from home in recent weeks due to the coronavirus, there has been an influx of people registering their interest with pet fostering agencies.

Northern Rivers Animal Services president Jo Parker has been heartened by the recent spike in inquiries.

"We have seen a spike in foster carer inquiries," Ms Parker said.

"We've just been mindful to let people know their homes have to be suitable and that a foster commitment could very well be longer than a 14-day isolation period.

"But I don't want to discourage people at all, we are really conscious of people's mental health during this time."

She said that pets were keeping many people sane during this time of social isolation.

"One of my volunteers has an elderly mum, she can't send the kids in to see her, and so they send the dogs in to give her a cuddle," Ms Parker said.

"They are wonderful healers."

She said their dog co-ordinator was very proactive in organising adoptions, and on average dogs and puppies take 20 to 25 days to be rehomed, kittens take about 40 days and cats take about 75 days to find a forever home.

Foster homes must be dog proof with appropriate fencing, and carers who rent must have written approval from the landlord.

Ms Parker also flagged that apartments were not appropriate for many of the dogs who need a foster home.

If you would like to foster or adopt a pet locally, please get in touch with Northern Rivers Animal Services via (02) 6681 1860.

You can meet a potential pet, but by appointment only due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.