BUSY: Andrew Hawkins says the holiday rental market is booming.
BUSY: Andrew Hawkins says the holiday rental market is booming. Renee Albrecht

Move over Noosa, Rainbow's property market is hot

THE rest of Australia is cottoning on to what locals have known for decades.

Amid exponential regional growth, the Rainbow Beach holiday property market is soaring.

According to Rainbow Beach Realty principal Andrew Hawkins, the demand for holiday rentals is set to record unprecedented numbers for the 2017/2018 summer holiday period.

My Hawkins said some holiday makers are paying up to $5000 per week to stay near the famous coloured sands.

Tourist numbers have soared in Rainbow Beach.

According to figures from Lifesaving Queensland, more than 212,000 people visited Rainbow Beach in 2016, a staggering 164per cent increase from 2012.

"The summer holiday period has started out strong and it looks like we are set for another record year in Rainbow Beach," Mr Hawkins said.

"We have been consistently strong in 2017."

Mr Hawkins thinks a combination of proactive locals and business owners is contributing to the end-of-year boom.

"The hard work at the start of the year is paying dividends now," he said.

"Local businesses and tourist operators have been very proactive in advertising Rainbow Beach."

While he hasn't kept a formal record of numbers, Mr Hawkins predicts the rental market has experienced at least a 10per cent increase based on year-to-year growth.

The holiday rental price range is all inclusive, with Mr Hawkins saying the market caters to all


"You can pick yourself up a little apartment for $800 per week for a summer holiday but they go all the way up to premium houses that are $5000 per week.

"It caters for all sorts of tastes and budgets.

"It is the beginning of an up trend here.

"It is early days of property recovery but 2017 has been our busiest sales activity year.

"It is coinciding with the property wave that is coming up from Brisbane."