MPs warned not to risk court cases in lockout law debate

QUEENSLAND Speaker Peter Wellington has warned MPs they risk being in contempt of court if they discuss ongoing court cases when debating the proposed lockout laws.

Mr Wellington, and Nicklin MP, told the parliament MPs risked jeopardising court proceedings if they mentioned ongoing cases including the alleged one-punch killing of Sunshine Coast teen Cole Miller.

"The sub judice rule in general requires members to exercise care to avoid saying inside the house anything that would be regarded as contempt of court outside the house and could jeopardise court proceedings," Mr Wellington said.

"Given there are matters before the court relating to recent incidents of alleged alcohol-related violence I remind members of the importance of the sub judice rule in the context of the debate on the bill.

"Members can refer to the general issue of alcohol-related violence however members should not refer to specific matters where these matters are currently before the court."

The government's proposed legislation would see last drinks served at 2am state-wide - except in designated entertainment precincts where pubs could apply for last drinks at 3am as long as they instituted a lockout from 1am.

The LNP opposition has announced they will vote against the bill.

Although Katter's Australian Party and independent MP Billy Gordon are still negotiating with the government. - APN NEWSDESK