Jetstar announces flights to and from Denpasar today

JETSTAR has announced it will resume daytime flights to and from Bali's Denpasar Airport today. 

The Jetstar flights expected to take off are JQ47, JQ44, JQ109, JQ110, JQ7101, JQ7009, and JQ7007.

Tourists have been stranded for days on the island as Mt Raung continued to erupt and winds blew ash over the airspace.

Jetstar said the decision came after advice and information from the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre. 

"Our operations team are satisfied it is safe to fly to Denpasar Airport in current conditions, so today's flights from Australia scheduled before 5.15pm AEST will go ahead," the airline said in a statement.

"This afternoon we will operate three daylight services from Bali, as well as four services from Australian airports to Bali. 

"As conditions may change, we will make another assessment later this afternoon to determine whether or not flights can operate after 5.15pm AEST. 

"If flights proceed tonight we will operate five services from Bali to Australia overnight to ensure we get our customers travelling again as soon as it safe to do so. 

"We've prioritised access to seats on today's additional service for customers who needed to get home urgently due to medical, hardship and other extenuating circumstances, so the extra flight from Bali to Perth has been filled by these passengers.

"We are planning more additional services on Tuesday and Wednesday, subject to clear flying conditions. We will inform customers when these flights become available and provide instructions on how to re-book. 

"While we regret the frustration recent cancellations have caused, the safety of our customers and crew is always our first priority, and appreciate your understanding."

Flights to go ahead today

The following departures and subsequent return services will go ahead today (all listed in local times):

  • JQ 47 - Brisbane - Bali (departs approx. 1300 BNE time)
  • JQ 110 - Perth - Bali (departs approx. 1100 PER time)
  • JQ 109 - Bali - Perth (departs approx. 1500 Bali time)
  • JQ 44 - Bali - Melbourne (departs approx.1830 Bali time)
  • JQ 7010 - Perth - Bali (departs approx. 1300 PER time) additional flight 
  • JQ 7009 - Bali - Perth (departs approx. 1715 Bali time) additional flight
  • JQ 7007 - Sydney - Bali (departs approx. 1330 SYD time) additional flight 

Mt Raung's ash keeps Virgin's Bali flights grounded

TOURISTS remain stranded in Bali with no Virgin flights flying in or out of Denpasar Airport as Mt Raung continues to spew ash into the air.

The airline said the safety of our guests and crew is its highest priority.

"The latest advice from our team of meteorologists and the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre is that conditions are not suitable for operations into and out of Denpasar Airport today," Virgin said in a statement.

"We have been advised that Mt Raung continues to erupt and winds continue to blow in an unfavourable direction, and are forecast to continue to do so for the rest of the day.

"Therefore Virgin Australia has cancelled all flights into and out of Denpasar today, Monday 13 July. Flights from Australia into Denpasar today were cancelled yesterday."

Virgin released the following statement:

Virgin Australia is advising guests currently in Bali not to travel to Denpasar Airport without a confirmed rebooked flight.

Once we have confirmed that conditions have improved, additional flights will be scheduled between Australia and Denpasar to ensure we can have guests on their way as soon as possible.

Guests whose flights have been cancelled as a result of the volcanic activity will be able to change their booking to another date or alternative destination within 14 days without fee or receive a full travel credit by contacting our Guest Contact Centre on 13 67 89 (from Australia), 00 1803 061 2002 (from Indonesia) or +61 7 3295 2296 from other international locations. Any guests due to travel to or from Denpasar are encouraged to check the status of their flight on our website.

The following services on Monday 13 July are cancelled:

  • VA9544 PER DPS 0545L
  • VA9546 MEL DPS 0800L
  • VA9548 BNE DPS 0800L
  • VA49 MEL DPS 0905L
  • VA65 SYD DPS 1115L
  • VA57 PER DPS 1240L
  • VA41 BNE DPS 1005L
  • VA39 ADL DPS 1610L
  • VA9545 DPS PER 1015L
  • VA9549 DPS BNE 1400L
  • VA9547 DPS MEL 1330L
  • VA60 DPS PER 1555L
  • VA34 DPS ADL 1440L
  • VA46 DPS BNE 2110L
  • VA54 DPS MEL 2210L
  • VA70 DPS SYD 2210L