Supplied Editorial Constance Hall
Supplied Editorial Constance Hall

Mum blogger: ‘I lie awake in bed crying’

Blogging 'Queen' Constance Hall has opened up about her financial woes in an honest Facebook post after a fan claimed they felt "excluded" from her $7.50 a month subscription blog.

Hall says she is on the verge of bankruptcy and "lies awake in bed crying" because she can't pay her electricity bill.

The disgruntled fan also added she felt bullied and that the money had gone to Hall's head.

"I lie awake in bed crying because I cannot pay my electricity bill," Hall wrote on Facebook.

"My company pays its staff wages including mine and I have maxed out my credit card to pay my rates, legal fees of three court cases and I have just applied for a loan to pay off more bills.

Denim Cooke and Constance Hall and their son Raja.
Denim Cooke and Constance Hall and their son Raja.

The mother-of-seven went on to say she's unable to pay for the help she needs to overcome her private struggles.

"I can't even afford private therapy to help me cope with the fact that the walls are closing in on my finances, my husband works in my company full time for almost nothing, so many people are relying on me to come up with some crazy new idea to make money to put food on tables," she said.

"My kids have gone without so much and I have told them it's so they become better people … it's not, it's because at the moment, we have nothing."

Hall revealed she can’t afford to pay her electricity bill.
Hall revealed she can’t afford to pay her electricity bill.

The mummy blogger continues: "I have googled 'bankruptcy' so many times just praying I come up with a solution.

"I am subconsciously losing attachment to my home because I know I could lose it."

Supporters were quick to jump to Hall's defence, one fan saying: "This post really made be sad Con. The fact that you have to justify yourself is beyond crap."

Another said: "People can't expect you to give so much of your creativity and your life away for free. You work really hard to create new and special things, you need to be paid for that and provide for you lovely big family."

Hall is being sued by journalist Kristen Watts, for unpaid royalties and defamation.

According to Perth Now, in March 2018, Hall once again took to Facebook to make a series of allegations about how the publication of Hall's best-selling memoir Like a Queen had been mishandled by her former friend and business partner.

"To hear that she is suing me in the Supreme Court … was a shock, so that had led me to bring my counter claim because I don't think I've done anything wrong," she posted.

"I wasn't and still am not concerned, however when it appeared in the media that I never paid her properly, it really pissed me off."