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Mum ‘lost control’ and attacked friend over secret affair

A 40-YEAR-OLD mum attacked her best friend after finding out she was having an affair with her husband.

Louise Margret Playle pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court last Friday to one count of common assault.

Police prosecutor Julie Marsden said at 7.50am on December 2, Playle went to the victim's house in Norman Gardens to return a bag of personal items to her and her children. Ms Marsden said the victim's child answered the door and invited Playle inside.

Playle entered the home, saw the victim at the end of the hallway and said, "so I'm a maggot, am I?".

She said Playle then threw the bag of personal property at the victim, hitting her in the shoulder, grabbed her hair and punched her multiple times to the face and head.

The victim pushed Playle out of the house, screaming "get out of my house". She locked the door and Playle went home.

At 10.50am, police went to Playle's home, where she gave full admissions about her involvement. The court heard she had no criminal history.

Lawyer Grant Cagney said there was some background that led to the assault.

"The victim was her best friend and she had a new partner who brought to my client's attention that her friend had been having an affair with her husband of 19 years," Mr Cagney said.

"Text messages had been exchanged and she saw forwarded messages, not meant for her eyes, referring to her as a "maggot".

"She called the victim a maggot in reference to the messages.

"She accepts that she simply became enraged and lost control. She used to look after the victim's kids and was devastated to find out what she was doing behind her back."

Mr Cagney said the victim's partner went to Playle's house with a sledge hammer and smashed her car.

Tyson Phillip Sean Harrison-Smith was sentenced in Rockhampton Magistrates Court last Thursday for the offence.

"There has been some retribution for what happened," he said.

"It was extremely out of character, she will never come back before the court again."

The court heard Playle was still with her husband.

Playle was fined $650. No criminal conviction was recorded.