Mum sues Inflatable World over son's injuries

LAWYERS representing a Toowoomba woman suing an indoor playground for damages say the centres have a duty of care for all people on the premises.

Toowoomba mother Renee Williamson is pursuing legal action against Inflatable World over an alleged incident in which her son broke his leg last year.

It follows the ongoing investigation into the death of three-year-old Coomera boy Hunter Young, who died in Lady Cilento Children's Hospital on Monday, after suffering injuries at Inflatable World Toowoomba on Sunday.

Ms Williamson had engaged Shine Lawyers who served notice of "intentions to pursue claims for damages" on Inflatable World, the firm's legal partner Katrina Pederson said.

"We are pursuing legal action on behalf of Ms Williamson whose son was badly injured in an accident at these facilities," she said.

"Through this action, we want to ensure this family is fairly compensated for the pain and suffering they've endured as a result of the centre's failures, as well as the cost of medical and other treatment expenses they have had to bear.

"The damages that we sill seek to recover will depend on the harm and loss that has been suffered in addition to the total sum of medical and care expenses the family has incurred as a result of the incident."

Ms Pederson said the key issue in the case was whether Inflatable World management had done all it could to ensure the facilities were safe for families and children.

She said management had a duty to ensure facilities were "free from risk of harm".

"These families should never have had to endure such pain and loss from a simple outing and management had a duty to ensure these facilities were safe and free from risk of harm," she said.

"Investigations need to take place so families who visit can be confident that the facilities are safe, that staff are properly trained and that adequate instruction will be provided to those using the facilities.

"Leisure centres have a duty of care to do all they reasonably can to protect all entrants who visit their facilities.

"If this duty is breached and a person suffers injury or damage as a result, the potential for legal action may arise."