Capella State High School Year 11 student Harvey Jones was selected as a youth delegate at 2019 Arts Ablaze.
Capella State High School Year 11 student Harvey Jones was selected as a youth delegate at 2019 Arts Ablaze.

Music talent heating up

A YOUNG Capella student will have the chance to share his original music with the world after being selected to attend a regional arts conference next month.

Harvey Jones is one of few students across Queensland that will be a Youth Delegate at the 2019 Arts Ablaze Conference, an event that focuses on the transformation of arts in regional communities.

The 17-year-old emerging musician has been recording his own music in a small, self-funded studio set up.

“I love being able to record my own music because there are endless possibilities to what you can create and make and this musical program is going to enhance my skills and processes when it comes to making music,” he said.

His ultimate goal is to become a full time musician and write music that evokes feelings from a captured audience.

“I would love to be able to hear my song on the radio one day and to travel and perform in front of people,” Harvey said.

“To have even just a few people who feel touched by my music would be such an amazing feeling.”

The Year 12 Capella State High School student will take part in a mentoring program, have the chance to share his work with industry leaders and to professionally record his original music through the conference.

“It feels insanely surreal, like, ‘is this really happening to me?’,” he said.

“This conference will build my skills as a social speaker, a performer in front of crowds, it will introduce to me many new experiences, people and different things to explore when creating music.

“It will build so many strong relationships and will even hopefully get me mentors to help me along my musical journey.”

Principal Gerowyn Lacaze discovered Harvey’s talents and wanted to find a way to help continue to grow and develop, “not only his talent and ability, but his interest”.

“I am newly appointed as Principal here at Capella and when I arrived I was told that there was no music at the school — no students available for performances at school events,” she said.

“A conversation with Harvey changed that perception. He shared his love of writing and performing music with me and two days after that conversation, Harvey performed at the opening of the Multi-purpose Hall here at school.”

Ms Lacaze said students in regional towns didn’t always receive opportunities for growth in talents and interests.

“This is a chance for Harvey to grow as a result of working with others who are passionate about music and the arts,” she said.

“I can’t wait for Harvey to share his experience with other students here at Capella, so that they are caught up in possibilities.”