PROMINENT Muslims believe inflammatory comments by media personalities will lead to wide-spread Islamophobia.

Nine Network star Sonia Kruger told Today viewers this morning that she did not want to see more Muslims living in Australia because she does not "feel safe".

"Personally I would like to see it (the immigration of Muslims) stopped now for Australia because I would like to feel safe as all of our citizens do when they go out to celebrate Australia Day," Kruger said.

Also today, News Corp's Andrew Bolt wrote that France was a high target for jihad terrorists because it "let in the most Muslims" compared to the rest of Europe.

"We are fools not to change our own immigration policies to protect ourselves," Bolt wrote.

The comments followed last week's deadly Nice attack in which Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, described by Isil as a "soldier of Islam", killed 84 people during French Bastille Day celebrations.

Islamophobia Register Australia president Mariam Veiszadeh invited Kruger to join her for a coffee so they could discuss the Today Extra host's fears.

"I think she is echoing what some people are feeling and that's fine," the lawyer said.

Andrew Bolt's reaction after being described as a racist by former Labor Minister Dr Craig Emerson
Andrew Bolt's reaction after being described as a racist by former Labor Minister Dr Craig Emerson

"But what we all need to do is have a fact-base conversation free from hysteria about what is obviously a very inflammatory and sensitive topic.

"What needs to be considered is the fact that her proposal - which is echoing Donald Trump's and Pauline Hanson's proposals - is potentially unconstitutional and in breach of our international legal obligations."

Voices Against Bigotry co-founder Susie Latham said it was time for people with extreme views on Muslims to stop painting entire communities with a broad "terrorist" brush.

"A lot of people are feeling anxious, people with Muslim families, like me,  but I don't think this (anti-immigration) solution is going to achieve everything," the Curtin University PHd candidate said.

"You think about what the logical next step is - do you inter all of the Muslims that are already here? 

"Do you make them take birth control? 

"Or do you deport them?

"It's a Trump-Hanson response that's just simplistic that doesn't achieve anything.

"It's just going to make people feel more excluded, feel more worried about Islamophobic attacks." - ARM NEWSDESK