Biosecurity investigating mystery Kingaroy cattle deaths

A SOUTH Burnett farmer has been left searching for a reason for the death of some of his stock.

Brad Barbeler said he was baffled by the sudden death of five calves on his family's property in Benair, south-west of Kingaroy.

There have also been reports of up to 25 cattle deaths across eight South Burnett properties in the past month.

Mr Barbeler told the South Burnett Times he found the dead calves late last month and had heard of deaths at other properties in the region.

He said he was working with a local veterinarian to try to determine the cause.

A Biosecurity Queensland spokeswoman confirmed the department had been reviewing reports of multiple cattle deaths on properties in the South Burnett.

"Over the past few weeks, Biosecurity Queensland veterinary officers provided assistance to a private veterinarian in relation to a small number of deaths on one property," the spokeswoman said.

"Samples from an animal on this property were submitted to the Biosecurity Queensland Laboratory at Coopers Plains for testing.

"These samples have been tested, but a cause of death could not be determined."

She said the department was advised of a number of cattle deaths on several properties in the same area in the preceding weeks.

"Biosecurity Queensland has since contacted a number of properties in the area to ascertain whether other producers were experiencing cattle deaths," she said.

"Only three property owners reported some losses in the past few weeks."

She said officers had visited several properties in the area over the past week and conducted a post mortem on a steer.

"Samples were collected from the animal and results will be provided to the property owner.

"If property owners have concerns about their cattle, they should contact their local veterinarian who can work together with Biosecurity Queensland officers if required."