Low flying helicopter on the Mid North Coast last night.
Low flying helicopter on the Mid North Coast last night. CPL David Gibbs

Mystery low flying aircraft

IN the early hours of the morning, residents were woken by a loud aircraft passing low over their homes.

Unsure if they were dreaming or what the noise was, people turned to Facebook to share their experience and see if others heard it too.

"That was low flying, whatever it was! Woke me and scared the you know what out of me," commented Vicki Braine.

"Didn't know what was happening, 1.45am is not a good time to be woken up," said Sharon Wilde.

"I'm glad it wasn't just me then, I thought helicopter with big search lights blearing," wrote Angela Berry.

"It went over twice at Mullaway, sounded like a helicopter. Perhaps a rescue?" commented Lis Webb.

"I was waiting for it to crash, then this morning I was thinking maybe I dreamt it," said Barbara Letts.

"Woke me at Safety Beach 1.45am, so low I heard the whooshing of the helicopter blades, scared me. I then stood at the window for about five minutes and watched the light show in the sky over the ocean, amazing lightening behind the clouds," commented Sharyn Woolley.

After much speculation about what the aircraft could have been, Coffs Harbour airport said it was a military helicopter.