Naked fisher just 'slapping on sun cream'

A NAKED fisherman told police he had nothing on as he had been slapping on sun cream when the officers appeared over the sand dunes.

Ipswich fisherman Brian Crawley, 51 said he quickly covered himself.

Crawley told Ipswich Magistrates Court he had been in the tree line above the sand dunes when Bribie Island police caught him at 6.45pm on January 6.

He said he taken off his pants because it was hot and they were wet from fishing in the water.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell said Bribie Island police were patrolling the beach because of complaints about naked people acting indecently in sand dunes in view of families, children and elderly persons.

Sgt Caldwell said Crawley was found lying naked in the sand with his genitals exposed.

Police said Crawley understood it was an offence but it was hot and he'd just been swimming.

No nude bathing signs were clearly visible.

Crawley told Magistrate Virginia Sturgess that he was not on the dunes but further up in the tree line.

"I'd been fishing all day," he said.

"My swag was in the trees.

"I threw my duds off and they were drying.

"I'd put them on a tree.

"I was putting sun burn cream on and two coppers jumped over the sand dunes and say, hey, you're naked.

"Nor do I agree with what old mate says (about being in the dunes)," Crawley said.

"Yep. Righty oh. I accept it, I'm not happy with it.

"It was just a comedy of errors."

Crawley pleaded guilty to causing public nuisance.

Ms Sturgess noted that he had a very limited history and she fined him $300.

A conviction was not recorded.