NAMED: 30+ people to front Blackwater court

EACH month a number of people appear in Central Queensland courts on a range of different charges.

Here is a list of everyone appearing in Blackwater’s Magistrate Court today.

Bastock, Mitchell, Mr

Bateman, Trent Randall

Bloomfield, Christopher Ezra James

Burns, Michael Peter

Clark, Neil Stanley

Cooper, Michelle

Costello, Michelle Ann

Daley, Michael Thomas, Mr

Edwards, Kenneth Darren, Mr

Fewquandie, Darren Robert

Fletcher, Brodie Frederick

Hamilton, Emily Kate, Miss

Johnston, Shanae Isabella Joy

Kangan, Sophie Claire

Lammermoor, Geoffrey Allan Kevin

Lawson, Ross

Maddern, Robert William, Mr

Malone, Lester Roderick, Mr

Munday, Briella Lee, Miss

Murgha, Culliemara

Noonan, Madeline Ann

Oakley, Archie

Preece, Margaret Rose, Ms

Rankin, Desirea Carmal Grace

Riley, Stafford Jason James

Rowlands, Bobby-Jo

Stranks, Angela Jane

Thompson, Reece Charles

Tobane, Juanita Marlena

Twining, Errol Dean, Mr

Wettern, Katrina Anne, Miss

Williams, Mitchell James, Mr