Caboolture author Cass Lee Jardine has written a book about her sex addiction.
Caboolture author Cass Lee Jardine has written a book about her sex addiction.

Nanna's sex addiction

A "NANNA" has lifted the lid about her sex addiction in a new book.

Cass Lee Jardine, 48, said although she believed she had been a sex addict since she was a teenager, she didn't discover it until she hit "rock bottom" after her divorce.

"I was avoiding events, I was avoiding people unless it was for physical connection," she said.

The Caboolture mother-of-two and grandmother of two decided to share her experience of recovery and "self healing" in Love versus Lust: Confessions of a recovering sex addict. She said the book also discussed parenting and becoming an "empty nester".

"It is written from my own point of view, not a clinical one," she said. "Although it discusses some serious themes, it is quite comical."

Ms Jardine said there were many misconceptions around sex addiction, and she wanted to remove the shame and guilt surrounding it.

"People think sex addicts are dirty old men who might assault you," she said. "Sex addiction is like other addictions, you get an urge which is so overwhelming you can't see anything else.

"It is more common in women than you think. Women are better at hiding it, men celebrate it.

"People think 'he's doing all right, he's getting some' but if women do it they are called tarts.

"My book is about forgiveness, forgiving yourself. This doesn't define who I am."

Ms Jardine said she had the support of her family.

"I first talked to my mum about it. I don't think she thought I'd actually write the book, but she's read it and is fine with it," she said.

"My daughters are 28 and 22, and have written testimonials. They were all very positive. This was the right time for me, because my daughters were old enough, they're not teenagers, so don't have to worry about being teased at school, and my grandchildren are too little to understand.

"When my daughters found out (about the sex addiction) they said 'we always knew you were a bit naughty'."