Neaton not convinced Rockwood Weir build the best option

LEISA Neaton believes in the importance of water security, but said yesterday she wasn't convinced the construction of the proposed Rookwood Weir was the best option for the region.

Ms Neaton made the public pledge yesterday that the Labor party would support enhanced water security for this region and support agricultural diversification.

"I have said throughout this campaign that I support projects which give our farmers and neighbouring towns access to buy into the great resource that is the water within the Fitzroy River catchment," she said.

"I support additional weirs and water infrastructure but whilst I recognise the Eden Bann and Rookwood projects have been talked about for many years, I will not be wedged into a position in an election cycle by an announcement which is clearly contingent on State Government funding," Ms Neaton told her crowd of supporters.

"What we truly have right now as a result of my opposition's announcement is a $2 million commitment to a further feasibility and business case for Rookwood Weir.

"Provided everything stacks up, I will strongly advocate for the construction of the project which will best serve this region into the future.

"I spoke early in the campaign to Bill Shorten directly about the weirs and I have his support. But we both agreed we get one shot at this and I am yet to be convinced that Rookwood on its own is the best scenario."

Ms Neaton also took the opportunity to defend her party against Senator Matthew Canavan's recent claims that Labor "cannot be trusted to build Rookwood Weir".

"He just needs to understand that there is more to this than an election cycle and to stop thinking about his own job and make sure the right economic decision is being made for this region," Ms Neaton said.

"What we have at the moment from the LNP is a $2 million announcement into a study on a study and a half-baked wishy-washy announcement about a $130 million contingent on State Government funding."