NEIGHBOURLY DISPUTE: Janet Selecia Ann Atkins faced Dalby Magistrates Court charged with common assault. Picture: Trevor Veale
NEIGHBOURLY DISPUTE: Janet Selecia Ann Atkins faced Dalby Magistrates Court charged with common assault. Picture: Trevor Veale

NEIGHBOURLY FEUD: Woman throws pot plant at man over $50

A JANDOWAE woman has pushed, kicked, and thrown a pot plant at a man because he refused to give her back $50 she loaned to him.

Janet Selecia Ann Atkins, 44, faced Dalby Magistrates Court for assaulting her neighbour, claiming he had a track record of not repaying his debts back on time.

The court heard of the unusual set of circumstances surrounding the incident on August 21, where Atkins was charged with common assault.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana said the victim was in his home in Jandowae about 7pm looking for his wallet, when he heard his phone ring, and instructed his mother not to answer it.

Snr constable Tahana said Atkins was outside and overheard their conversation, and entered his home when a verbal altercation ensued.

The victim told the defendant to "f--k off' during the argument, which has "enraged" Atkins, prompting her to lunge at the victim.

The court heard the neighbour then fell between his bed and the wall, with Atkins then kicking him in the left side of his body.

While this was happening, the victim has then sung out to his mum to call the police.

Atkins then charged out of the house, knocking over a chair in the process.

Dalby Magistrates Court. Picture: File
Dalby Magistrates Court. Picture: File

"Once in the front yard the defendant picked up a small pottery pot and threw it at the victim who was standing at the front door," snr constable Tahana said.

"The victim managed to shut the door, causing the pot to miss him and hit the floor.

"The defendant has then left the address and walked across the street to her house."

The court heard she made admissions to police about entering the dwelling in an attempt to get the $50 which she was owed, and said she didn't kick him that hard as she was wearing thongs.

Atkins was then arrested and charged at Dalby police station, and given a notice to appear.

Duty lawyer Claire Graham said the single mother-of-three had known the victim for four years, saying Atkins had lent her former friend money in the past but he had kept dodging repayments.

Ms Graham said the defendant had been suffering some financial concerns, and had overreacted after he ignored her calls, and told her to "f--k off".

In her final submissions, Ms Graham said her client wasn't "normally a violent person", with there only being one other like offence in her criminal history.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told Atkins that she was going to be "out of pocket a whole lot more" in her dispute over $50.

"That'll serve as a lesson and a deterrent to you and to others, to not go down this particular path when it comes to an argument about money," she said.


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"That's why I want you to pay compensation, because it wasn't just the kick in the bedroom, you knocked over a chair in the house and then you picked up a pot plant."

Magistrate Mossop cited her previous offences, which included going armed so as to cause fear, wilful damage, and drug charges in the last four years.

"Most people as they get older, they're decreasing their offending behaviour," she said.

"You're increasing your offending behaviour.

"Be a mum, be a contributing member of society, and don't commit further offences."

Atkins pleaded guilty to common assault and was fined $500.

She was then ordered to pay $100 restitution to the victim.

A conviction was recorded.