Madelyn Sparrow with 2016 Alpha Show president Clytie Comiskey.
Madelyn Sparrow with 2016 Alpha Show president Clytie Comiskey. Contributed

New and old attractions

THE Alpha Show boasts plenty of new and well-loved attractions this year and with a bonus ticket offer, there is every reason to make the show a priority.

The 2017 Miss Alpha Showgirl Cheneya Freese said the show society had made it even easier for everyone to enjoy the Alpha Show with a special ticket deal - pay Tuesday to gain free entry on Wednesday.

"We encourage people to come back for a second day,” Cheneya said.

"It's a great event for families, high school and primary school kids, concession holders and adults, it should be a very good show.”

A new attraction is the Rooftop Express Show at 7pm on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

"On Tuesday from 8.30am the ring events will feature stud cattle and junior cattle judging, prime cattle judging, working dog demonstrations and the pavilion opens at 1pm,” Cheneya said.

"This year we have an animal farm for the kids, trade displays, lucky gate draws and at 7pm is the Rooftop Express.

"At 8.30pm there are the fireworks, plus a bar, music and entertainment until late.”

Gates reopen at 8.30am on the Alpha show holiday for the ring events to begin nice and early.

The prime cattle sale starts at 9am and features more than 140 head of cattle, the wood chop will follow at 10am with the pavilion, trade displays and side show alley fun continuing for a second day.

"And for a second year we have the Hen House which is a ladies trades display,” Cheneya said.

"At 2pm is the grand parade which showcases the highlights of the show.

"There is also a lolly drop for the kids which is always exciting. On Wednesday night there is the cutting at 5pm.”