New Zealand city offers free trip to job applicants

New Zealand has created the dream job interview.

The tech industry in the city of Wellington is looking to recruit tech experts from around the world and they are offering a free holiday to the country for anyone who can prove their merit.

The programme called Looksee Wellington - a partnership between the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) and Workhere New Zealand, a business specialising in global recruitment marketing - will host 100 lucky candidates and pay for all theirs flights and accommodation.

In exchange, applicants will be required to appear for pre-arranged job interviews with  "leading tech companies" in the city.

Candidates will also have to participate in meet-ups and explorations around the city.

Companies will make offers to the best candidates at the end of the week.

Applicants have until 20 March to submit their resumes and the trip and interviews will take place in New Zealand from 8 to 11 May.

The organisation will also host informational events to help potential immigrants understand the process of moving to the country.

Other companies have gone to similarly great lengths to attract the talents they need.

Last year, Netflix was on the hunt for four new talents or "Grammsters" to take pictures on the sets of its most popular shows for two weeks.

Grammsters were promised a salary of $2,000 a week, while the company handles all travel arrangements.

Facebook also reportedly reimburses interview travel expenses regardless of whether the candidate gets the job.