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Nine in 10 kids don't know where bananas come from

AUSSIE parents have a long way to go in educating their kids about where their food comes from, according to research commissioned by Woolworths.

Many, it seems, only know that bananas and milk come from the supermarket.

A study of more than 1600 children between six and 17 found that 92% did not know bananas grew on plants. Another 61% did not know that herbs such as mints grew from the ground.

Woolworths have entered into a partnership with Jamie Oliver to bring home the benefits of his UK healthy food push to Australia.

The supermarket giant will partner with the much loved chef to launch Jamie's Garden Collectibles range, a collection of new sensory stickers and sticker albums that aims to educate kids about the origins and benefits of fresh food.

Woolworths managing director of Australian Supermarkets and Petrol, Tjeerd Jegen said the move was part of a wider commitment at Woolies to educate kids on the origins of fresh food and inspire a younger, healthier generation.

Oliver himself described the findings were a 'shame' given the fact that Australia was home to such beautiful and delicious produce.

"I'm a huge advocate of kids learning firsthand where thefreshest, tastiest food comes from and I hope the Jamie's Garden Collectibles range will help to teach kids about the joys of growing,'' he said.

The stickers collection will be available for the next six weeks at Woolworths stores while stocks last.