Broken and Shattered Glass Pane. Cracked. Mirror. Generic image.
Broken and Shattered Glass Pane. Cracked. Mirror. Generic image.

Nine-hour angry rampage throughout town

A YOUNG MAN who went on an anger rampage over a missing bank card scared his mother, grandmother and sister in a nine-hour ordeal.

Brandon Carl Tilberoo, 19, pleaded guilty yesterday in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of public nuisance, two of wilful damage, one going armed in public to cause fear and one of obstruct police.

Police prosecutor Madison Kurtz said Tilberoo attended his mother's workplace - Australia Post at Woorabinda - at 9.30am, approached the front counter and became agitated because he couldn't find his bank card.

He yelled obscenities at his mother, in front of customers, and demanded she go home and find the bank card.

The defendant's mother arrived home about 10am and noted a fence palling and front door lock broken.

While she was at the house, Tilberoo used a metal crow bar to smash a glass table and then kicked and threw items around the lounge room.

The victim was fearful of the defendant.

Ms Kurtz said Tilberoo's mother and grandmother, who had witnessed the behaviour at the house, drove off.

However, Tilberoo spotted them in the car about 10.30am and stood in the road, arms raised and armed with the crow bar.

He attempted to stop the car which was driving to the police station to report his offending.

Ms Kurtz said police were headed towards the incident at 11.24am when they spotted Tilberoo walking along the road, holding the crow bar in his hand.

She said when police approached him, the told him to drop the crow bar, which he did, but then walked away from police.

Police told Tilberoo to stop and he was under arrest, but Tilberoo ran, jumping many fences, and police losing sight of him but managed to get the crow bar.

Tilberoo went to his grandmother's place at 5.50pm, telling the occupants to let him in.

But his grandmother told him no and police were on their way.

Tilberoo became upset and kicked the front screen door, damaging it by causing it to bend inward.

He then picked up a nearby chair and threw it at a window, causing it the chair to break.

Police located Tilberoo at 10.10am the next day.

Defence lawyer Brendan Gimbert said his client had very limited education - only up to grade seven or eight - and was unemployed.

He said Tilberoo was prescribed Valium about two weeks ago but not been taking it regularly as prescribed.

Mr Gimbert said his client had been abusing substances since he was 13 or 14 years old.

He said the issues that day arose from money transferred from his client's account to his mother's account.

Tilberoo was sentenced to a 15 month probation order. No convictions were recorded.