No graceful acceptance from Rudd over UN job snub

KEVIN Rudd is not accepting the rejection of his bid to become the United Nations secretary-general silently.

The former prime minister told The Australian the decision would be seen as a "monstrous intrusion" of domestic politics on the international stage.

He said he met with Malcolm Turnbull four times and was encouraged to push forward in his campaign, first in January last year - eight months before Mr Turnbull became prime minister.

"As I was heading out to get the car to the airport, this was quite explicitly stated: that the government would be mad not to support my candidature," Mr Rudd told The Australian.

Mr Rudd admitted he was not the perfect candidate but added: "What the international community finds difficult to understand is when you have such a monstrous intrusion of domestic politics so as to prevent one of your own from actually competing on the international stage."

Earlier this week, Mr Turnbull denied offering his support, saying the claims were "absolutely untrue".

He said he had warned Mr Rudd of his unsuitability for the role back in May because he had neither "the interpersonal skills nor the temperament to be a candidate".