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'I've heard the prison is full'

THREE people who received jail sentences in Gladstone Magistrate's Court could spend a good part of their time behind bars in the Gladstone Police Station's watch house.

Magistrate Mark Morrow, in sentencing Jonathon James Dorante to nine months jail with parole eligibility next Tuesday, told the court that Dorante would more than likely serve his whole jail term in the Gladstone watch house.

“I have heard the prison is full,” Mr Morrow said.

Dorante pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm after an incident with a now-former co-worker on January 12 in the Grand Hotel's gaming area. He had been arguing with the victim off and on throughout the day leading up to the incident.

Another male, Derick Wadde Wickham, was sentenced to 15 months jail and will be eligible for parole in October for offences relating to assaulting police officers at the weekend.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mick O'Rourke told the court Wickham, who had an extensive history of violence, assaulted police on Sunday night at 10.30pm. He started the incident by waving a 15cm knife back and forth in front of his body, in the direction of two police officers.

After warnings by the officers to drop the knife, which Wickham did not heed, Wickham then moved toward Sgt Michael Newell, who then deployed a taser.

The taser deployment caused Wickham to drop the knife and both his arms, with one of his arms intercepting the taser, leading to its deactivation. Mr Wickham then threw punches at the officers, hitting Constable Shane Hilton.

The court heard Wickham had breached an intensive corrections order, with the breach to be heard in court at a later date.

The third person to be jailed was a female for three stealing charges, which meant she breached her probation order.