Noosa council dumps call for commercial netting ban

NOOSA councillors, including fish ban advocate Cr Frank Pardon, voted unanimously not to call on the State Government for a hard-line ban on commercial netting on Noosa North Shore.

But they want consideration of "one or more total fishing exclusion zones at specific sites to allow replenishment of overall biodiversity" and the reduction in bag limits for recreational fishing.

Noosa Council will now make a submission to the Green Paper on Fisheries Management Reform in Queensland that the government consider "reducing commercial netting" on Teewah Beach between the Noosa River mouth and Double Island Point.

The council would prefer "a net free zone and/or a buyback of commercial fishery licences or not renewing them." It wants the consideration of licence buyback or non-renewals for prawn beam trawling in the Noosa River.

Do you think commercial netting should be banned at Noosa North Shore?

This poll ended on 26 September 2016.

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Part of last Thursday's unanimous resolution was that the council "commit to working in partnership with the State Government on a process to achieve this outcome including community and industry engagement and consideration of resource commitments."

"Noosa Council is not opposed to commercial or recreational fishing per se, but rather, wants to ensure that such activities can be carried out in a genuinely sustainable way. Council supports overall ecosystem based management and locality-based fisheries councils and council supports the target of a minimum 60% unfished populations.

"Council has particular concerns regarding the impact of the licensed mullet fishing activities on Teewah Beach (Noosa North Shore) with regards to by-catch, wastage and also mullet being targeted whilst gravid (pregnant) specifically for their roe."

Council wants more resources for fishing management and consideration of a user-pays model.