North Korea's Kim Jong-Un
North Korea's Kim Jong-Un KCNA

North Korea wants to reunite with South Korea

THIS could be the start of a beautiful relationship. But probably not.

The isolated and tyrannical regime of Kim Jong-Un's North Korea has told the United Nations its goal was to rejoin South Korea as "one country, two systems".

The Bangkok Post reports the North's Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong described the idea as "the biggest desire of the whole nation".

He said:

We are of the opinion that national reunification should not be done through confrontation, but rather through a confederation of two systems within one country.

In true North Korean style, a seemingly sensible and reasonable comment was followed by something a little more provocative.

Ri accused the UN of having a double standard on human rights, and being "a forum for telling lies".

He said the UN ignored civilian deaths in Gaza from Israeli attacks while punishing Syria in that civil conflict.

Ri said North Korea was open to cooperate on human rights with groups and countries that were not hostile to Pyongyang.

However, human rights would not be used as a lever to oust the country's leader.

Ri said the country only developed nuclear weapons as a consequence of the United States' "hostile policy" and they would not be used to threaten or attack other countries.

ple's Republic of Korea) is not intended to threaten or attack others," Ri said.

"Neither is it a bargaining chip to be exchanged for something else."