'Not a Holden, it's a Ford', says busted driver

A LEARNER driver busted driving to the shops alone was behind the wheel of his black Ford that ran out of rego 583 days earlier.

But driver Aiden Isaacson took exception in an Ipswich court when a police prosecutor described the car as being a black Holden Commodore.

"You've got the facts wrong. It's a Ford, not a Commodore," Isaacson said.

The court was told the registration plates of the car had been cancelled 583 days prior, in July 2016.

Isaacson told Goodna police he was going for a short drive to the shops and did not think he would get caught.

Aiden Keith Isaacson, 27, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to driving an unregistered and uninsured car on March 2; being a learner driver who did not comply as he was not accompanied by a qualified driver; and driving with no learner plates displayed.

Isaacson said the reason his black Ford was not insured was he had been moving houses and it was the last bit of property to move.

Answering a query by magistrate Louise Shephard, he said he spent $5000 trying to get it legal for road use.

He said he had not gone for his licence because of financial reasons as he had a new-born baby.

"I don't need it for my job but it would help being a parent," Isaacson said. He said he had "no idea" how much was on his SPER debt which could prevent him getting a licence.

Ms Shephard fined him $600 which was sent to SPER. She told Isaacson he must understand there were rules and regulations he must comply with.