A nurse has been suspended for 15 years for leaving children unprotected from deadly diseases by administering the wrong vaccines – and then falsifying records.
A nurse has been suspended for 15 years for leaving children unprotected from deadly diseases by administering the wrong vaccines – and then falsifying records.

Nurse banned for giving wrong vaccines and doctoring records

A nurse at a northern suburbs clinic has been banned from practising for 15 years for botching vaccinations, deleting the records of patients, doctoring records, forging prescriptions and falsifying her own credentials.

Tracy Paterson was working at a clinic Modbury Heights between 2013 and 2015 using the assumed named Tracy Gray.

During her time at the clinic she deleted and altered the records of 17 patients, mostly to cover her own dangerous mistakes.

In January 2015, she gave a young child the same vaccination twice, missing out on a crucial measles vaccine which should have been given at the same time.

She later tried to augment the patient's records to cover up the error.

If the amendment to the record had not been discovered, the parents would not have learned that the child was missing a vaccination.

An investigation into that mistake led to the discovery that Ms Paterson had botched three other childhood vaccinations and doctored the notes of other patients to add or remove details.

On May 25, 2015, she deleted the entire medical records of seven patients who shared the same last name as her ex-partner.

It was not clear whether the patient's were actually related to her former partner.

The records were recovered and restored.

In 2015 she used a doctor's logged on computer to create prescriptions for Duromine, a prescription weight loss medication.

She used fake names for the prescriptions and accessed the log-ins of three different doctors.

At the same time as working at the clinic Ms Paterson worked for Adelaide Care Solutions, a disability support service.

She was required to show certificates proving she was accredited in manual handling and first aid in 2014.

She submitted old, expired certificates having used a computer to change the expiry date.

When the truth was discovered, Ms Paterson maintained that her stepdaughter had, without her knowledge, fabricated the certificates.

It was only when she was faced with evidence she had lied that she admitted personally falsifying the four certificates.

In a judgment published this week, but handed down in April, the South Australian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal banned Ms Paterson from applying for registration as a nurse for 15 years.

The Tribunal held that Ms Patterson's actions showed an indifference to patient care and welfare.

"There have been grave departures from the appropriate standards of conduct, occurring in various ways and over a substantial period of time," the Tribunal concluded.

"The underlying character flaws continue to be demonstrated some years later.

"There is no adequate evidence of insight or willingness to address the issues. Everything suggests that (Ms Patterson) cannot be trusted."

Ms Paterson did not appear at the Tribunal hearings, instead writing to say she was working at a station in the Northern Territory.

However, a process server found she was living and working in the town of Katherine.

Originally published as Nurse suspended for giving kids wrong vaccines, doctoring records