Nathan Hoad from Beauty and the Geek.
Nathan Hoad from Beauty and the Geek.

Hervey Bay's geek millionaire ousted from hit TV show

ONE week after being revealed as the secret millionaire on Channel 7's Beauty and the Geek, former Urangan State High School student Nathan Hoad has been eliminated from the hit television show.

The 25-year-old, who now lives in Brisbane and is the co-founder of social media network Kondoot, said his exit from the show was not a case of tall poppy syndrome.

He felt it was more a case of strategic thinking from the show's other contestants as he and Beauty Jessica were something of a power couple in the house and he felt that was what led to their nomination.

Keeping the secret was easy for Nathan - but dealing with the fallout was a bit of a challenge.

"Jess had a bit of a freak out," he said.

He said he didn't think attitudes had changed towards him in the house after he was revealed to be the millionaire, except that he was noticed a bit more and felt more of the contestants approached him to start conversations.

"If it did it wasn't very evident," he said.

Nathan said his time on the show had shown him there were many different "flavours" of geeks, from those who spend a lot of time behind a computer screen to those who love Pokemon.

His partner through the show, Jessica, was someone Nathan described as having a big heart and being very caring.

Nathan and Jess also bonded with fellow Queenslanders Jason and Kristy, with whom they shared a room in the geek house.

The four got along well, with the two Beauties taking time to teach the Geeks about how to behave in social situations and the Geeks teaching them "random and interesting stuff", Nathan said.

But he refused to divulge whether romance had developed for him while he was on the show.

"It's like worlds collide," he said.

Nathan said he had enjoyed his time on the show.

"It was amazing," he said.

"It was a heap of fun.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing."