OPINION: We cannot allow them to keep suffering

I LOST a dear friend to cancer last week and sadly he died in agony.

His passing was blessed relief to him, his family and friends because it brought an end to his suffering and pain.

But why in this day and age couldn't his pain be alleviated?

Surely in the final stage of his now tormented life he could have been placed into a drug induced coma to help ease his suffering.

This is not to say the staff at the hospital didn't do enough - far from it they did a magnificent job in handling his situation the best they could with the resources available to them.

The answer l believe lies in the fact that most hospitals are simply not equipped to cope with palliative care in the way in which dedicated palliative care hospitals are.

The vital need to have more palliative care hospitals established throughout Queensland has to be recognised by Queensland Health.

Collaborations between the state government and the private sector to provide first class palliative care hospitals may be one way to achieve this objective

Whatever way it is done it has be sooner rather than later, the need is now.

The time for endlessly talking about it has finished. Minister for Health Lawrence Springborg and Queensland Health have to show leadership in making this happen.

No one should have to go through what I saw this man and his family suffer.

It is simply not good enough to put this decision off any longer.