OPINION: Why I'm tired of Tomic

THE sooner Bernard Tomic is off my TV, the better.

Not just because he is a whiny, immature, brat who has slandered his own name through his antics on the tennis court for at least the past five years.

But because Tomic, at 25-years-old, needs a break from the spotlight.

The Tomic that appeared on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here then quit after three days is not someone who should be anywhere near the public eye.

Through the alleged tanking, the non-effort, his daily count to x-millions (depending on the size of his stack of cash), Tomic very quickly became the man the sporting public despised.

A man blessed with enormous talent who, at a time when similarly gifted star Nicholas Kyrgios challenged the German-born Australian star for the role as public enemy No.1, could have risen to the top and led the post-Roger Federer era.

Instead we're left with a man who seemingly hates the sport at which he could excel, and is more than happy to drag Australian tennis through the mud.

His lack of respect and faith in Australia's Davis Cup players, and the complete and utter dismissal of 2002 Wimbledon champion Lleyton Hewitt's comments, is embarrassing to Australian sport.

At least Kyrgios, who drifted well down Australia's favourite sportsman list due to his outspokenness and conduct on and off the court, has seemingly matured, to the point tennis fans are happy to admit their support for the firebrand.

The challenge, at least for Tennis Australia, is how they deal with Tomic's comments in a manner that does not further damage the sport.

It was uneasy to see the Tomic who struggled through his three days in the African jungle, but any short-lived sympathy I might've had is gone.

I am tired of Bernard Tomic, and I can't wait to see the back of him.