Brexit posters warns residents to speak English

A poster put up in a block of flats in the UK has sparked outrage after it warned residents to speak English or move out.

The "Happy Brexit Day" poster was found stuck on the door of fire escapes on all 15 floors of an apartment building in Norwich, on Friday morning. The discovery came just hours before the UK officially left the European Union at 11am that day.

The poster warned, "as we finally have our great country back we feel there is one rule that needs to be made clear to Winchester Tower residents.

"We do not tolerate people speaking other languages in the flats."


Picture: via Twitter
Picture: via Twitter

The note has sparked widespread outrage online, being labelled "racist" and "bigoted". Many local residents took exception to the note, saying Norwich has a history of being inclusive.

The note has now been referred to police and is being investigated, according to the Independent.

"Norwich has a proud history of being a welcoming city, and we will not tolerate this behaviour," the council said in a statement.

"As soon as we became aware of this incident, we reported it to Norfolk Police and they are investigating."

The Norfolk Police referred to the incident as a "racially aggravated public order incident" and are investigating. The posters have been seized for forensic testing.

The note was shared on Twitter by music journalist Simon Price, who had seen the note originally shared by a person with a private account. He dismissed accusations the note was "fake", saying, the person who took the photo "wasn't looking for shares or retweets, but I happened to spot it".