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Palmer releases documents 'showing Jeff Seeney lied'

CLIVE Palmer won't take to the CMC documents he says show that Deputy Premier lied about discussions the pair had in 2012 about his Galilee Basin mining interests because the billionaire says the watchdog is tainted and ultimately controlled by the Premier.

Mr Palmer will instead lodge a raft of documents with the Supreme Court where he has already commenced libel action against Campbell Newman and intends to also sue Jeff Seeney.

He said this morning that rather than him seeking exclusivity, documents show that the Newman Government acted on the request of Indina miner GVK to cancel projects involving five Queensland companies including his own Waratah Coal.

As a result $10 billion that could have been invested in the state has sat idle and GVK had done nothing in two years.

"That's not in the best interest of Queensland. That's corruption,'' Mr Palmer said.

He alleged that attacks by Mr Seeney and the Premier on him had been motivated by polling that showed his Palmer United Party posed a real threat to the LNP.

Mr Palmer dismissed claims he had asked for the room to be cleared ahead of discussions he had with Mr Seeney oin April, 2012.

Instead he said he was greeted by the Deputy Premier in an antechamber outside his office and then invited in alone.


Mr Palmer said he presented a 138-page draft legislation prepared by a lawyer that would have allowed all five companies to get their projects moving.

"I said it would give open access to everyone,'' he said.

"He told me he had a process and said, 'you take this'. There was small talk the we went outside and shook hands.

"A week later Seeney wrote to me thanking me for the way discussions were conducted.''

Mr Palmer said Mr Seeney had asked him to speak with the other proponents and later wrote congratulating him on how he had worked with everyone.

"Seeney has had a brain snap and given exclusivity to the Indians.''

A spokesman for Mr Seeney said the Deputy Premier was keen to now let the Supreme Court and the CMC decide matters.

"The matters referred to are before both the Supreme Court and the CMC and I don't intend to make further comment this time."

Mr Palmer said document discovery in relation to North Queensland Bulk Ports showed that the Premier acting on advice from Indian miner GVK that other projects were interferring with its plans moved to cancel existing approvals held by Queensland companies.

"I've been involved in politics for 40 years,'' Mr Palmer said.

"I lived through the Fitzgerald era. I know what I can and can't do ... what I can and can't say.''

Mr Palmer acknowledged that while he or his companies had not donated money to LNP campaign funding since 2010, he had funded its administrative providing amounts of $8,0,000 and $60,000 through Mineralogy to fund the party's 2011 and 2012 state conferences.

"That money was not for election purposes,'' he said.

Mr Palmer also said he had paid $3500 from his personal funds to attend a conference.

"I have never funded individual candidates, that's what Santo Santoro does,'' he said. "I've always funded the party.''

The government has claimed the letters sent to Mr Palmer were concilatory and showed it treated all applicants equally.