SAFEGUARD NEEDED: Clive Palmer says the government cannot be trusted.
SAFEGUARD NEEDED: Clive Palmer says the government cannot be trusted.

Palmer wants upper house to avoid Sekisui swiftie

THE Palmer United Party will announce its major election policies today - among them the re-introduction of the parliamentary upper house to avoid a Sekisui House swiftie.

Speaking to the Daily yesterday, PUP leader Clive Palmer said the party's key election policies would be unveiled in Coolum and the need for greater separation of powers in Queensland had led to PUP's decision to push for the re-introduction of the upper house.

"We think absolute power corrupts absolutely and the Newman LNP Government has shown they're very arrogant and they won't listen to the community, and that's led to us thinking we need an upper house like other states in the country," Mr Palmer said.

"There's a big groundswell of people in Queensland saying something needs to be done.

"You can reduce the number of politicians and split them over two houses ... and it gives the press a better ability to cover, comment and analyse things if they've got to go through two houses."

Mr Palmer said concerns over the possibility of the current government sneakily pushing through legislation that could enable the Sekisui House development in Coolum to go ahead without proper community input was one of the reasons his party would push for the re-introduction of a bicameral State Parliament, which had been abolished in 1921.

Queensland is the only state in the country operating with one house of parliament.

Despite numerous calls over the years to reinstate the upper house, including from Nicklin Independent MP Peter Wellington to the LNP Government - Premier Campbell Newman had thus far resisted taking action.

In November 2013, Mr Newman told the ABC that during consultations with Queenslanders, the unanimous sentiment had been there was no need for more politicians, and ruled out the chance of an upper house being reintroduced, despite more than 70% of readers polled by the Daily calling for the upper house's return.

Mr Newman's media team did not return the Daily's calls after we sought to clarify the Premier's position on an upper house in Queensland, following Mr Palmer's comments.