MUM THROWS: Angela-Sue Bulger practises for the Emerald Athletics Club's Carnival at Marist College next weekend.
MUM THROWS: Angela-Sue Bulger practises for the Emerald Athletics Club's Carnival at Marist College next weekend. Contributed

Parents join youngsters

APART from events such as the Commonwealth Games and Olympics, you may have thought athletics was a sport for the young ones, but Emerald Athletics Club proves it's also for the young at heart.

Athlete and Emerald Little Athletics Club member Angela-Sue Bulger said it was definitely an event for all ages, with the club's largest group being the 12 years and over.

"We have the groups between the under 12s all the way up to under 20s, and then you get to the masters, which I call the 'old farts club',” Mrs Bulger said.

"We've got our eldest member this year and he is 69. Our oldest female is 55 or 56. They're still doing long jump; she'll still do a sprint.

"It's all about beating your personal best. It's not about beating other people, you're there to compete against yourself, your own time.”

The 33-year-old mother of three signed up her son about four years ago, before signing up herself at the end of his first season.

"It started out with the parent bonding, but then my son, he's a bit of a challenger, he's got a bit of competitiveness, and I thought, 'well I'm going to go up against you',” she said.

"I'm still trying to beat him, but to go up against each other is pretty funny.”

Mrs Bulger said it was encouraging and fun for the younger children when they saw their parents participating.

"I like the hammer throw. I only started doing it at the start of last year and I thought I would never be able to throw that,” she said.

"You have your bad and good days - to get out and be taught that by one of our coaches and get out there and to be able to make the 20m (nearly), it's a pretty cool feeling to be able to achieve something you didn't think you'd be able to.

"We all work together to try and achieve our personal best.”

Next weekend from June 16-17, Emerald Athletics will host its carnival at the Marist College Ovals with events from 8am both days, followed by the multi-raffle draw when the events end around 1pm on Sunday.

Competitors will travel from all over Central Queensland, as well as Mackay, Townsville and southeast Queensland.

The event is open to the public. For more information see page 48.

If you are interested in joining the club, Mrs Bulger said attend their practice held at the Marist ovals every Sunday in the school term from 1.30pm.