Parents not protecting kids with homeopathic vaccinations

QUEENSLAND'S leading health officer has slammed homeopathic immunisation as nonsense and has sternly warned all parents against using it in place of traditional vaccinations.

After hearing about a mother who claimed her child had been protected by a homeopathic immunisation, Queensland chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young issued a strongly-worded warning on Friday afternoon.

She said in scientific terms the notion of homeopathic vaccinations was nonsense and parents were not protecting their children.

"We've recently been told by a doctor of a parent who reported their child had received homeopathic vaccinations from a homeopath, believing this was an acceptable alternative to mainstream immunisation," she said.

"This is totally wrong and the whole science behind homeoprophylaxis, or homeopathic immunisation, is incorrect.

"Anyone offering remedies in place of standard vaccinations is dangerously misleading parents into believing their child is protected against serious diseases.

"Homeopathic vaccinations are no substitutes for standard vaccination.

"Such so-called vaccinations are a serious breach of trust and should not be tolerated from a health care provider.''

While the Queensland population largely opts to immunise, there is still reluctance to vaccination in some areas, including the Sunshine Coast.

A Healthy Communities report from the National Health Performance Authority found Noosa and Nambour and Kempsey and Richmond Valley in NSW had immunisation rates generally under 85%.

The Australian Association of Professional Homeopaths did not return calls by deadline.