Captains Jisook and Marcus Wunderlich, leaders of Salvation Army Emerald.
Captains Jisook and Marcus Wunderlich, leaders of Salvation Army Emerald.

Passionate volunteers continue to support the community

PASSIONATE volunteers are still showing up to help despite an Emerald store closing its doors.

On Tuesday, March 31, Emerald Salvation Army staff took to Facebook to announce they had closed its doors and would not take anymore donations due to the COVID-19 crisis.

However, Emerald store leader Jisook Wunderlich said a number of the volunteers had continued to go to work, sorting items out the back and cleaning.

“We encourage them not to come but we have to let them,” she said.

“They want to get out of the house and we’re providing a space they can feel safe.”

Mrs Wunderlich said they had to stop taking donations to prevent the spread of illness.

“We don’t have a storage issue, but we don’t know where the items are coming from,” she said.

“Any community members who want to donate should put items aside and keep it in their home until COVID-19 has settled.”

If anyone is eager to volunteer, Mrs Wunderlich said Salvation Army were still doing food runs and dropping off essential items to locals in isolation every Tuesday and Friday.

Although the team won’t take donated items to protect those at risk, they will accept monetary donations to continue to purchase essential items.

“I’m really grateful for our Emerald community,” Mrs Wunderlich said.

“The churches had a meeting about how we can help all together and everyone is very community minded.

“If you ask for help there will be plenty of people who will support you.”

Emerald’s Salvation Army will provide updates via their Facebook page, Emerald Salvation Army Store.

Contact the team by calling 07 4987 5421.