'HIGH CALLIBRE': One patient says Bundaberg is lucky to have a surgeon as good as Richard Hocking.
'HIGH CALLIBRE': One patient says Bundaberg is lucky to have a surgeon as good as Richard Hocking. News Corp

Patients speak in praise of surgeon following complaints

BUNDABERG residents have come out in support of Richard Hocking since reports of further complaints against the surgeon emerged this week.

Documents released under Right to Information laws showed nine complaints had been made against the orthopaedic surgeon, aimed "mainly at his communication style".

Donna McCullough had both knees replaced by Dr Hocking and got in touch with the NewsMail "just to say how happy I've been with this doctor".

"His bedside manner was amazing - he went above and beyond," Ms McCullough said.

"He was very attentive. He explained every single minute detail to myself and my partner, everything on the x-ray, what to expect.

"I am flabbergasted people are complaining - Bundaberg is lucky to have a surgeon of this calibre."

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Ms McCullough, who is in her 50s, had the surgeries at Bundaberg Hospital in May and November last year after both her knees "gave way" following a career on her feet in pharmacy.

"I went public because the price even with private was astronomical," she said.

"I shared my hospital with people who had (private doctors) and I would rather Dr Hocking any day."

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She said reports focusing on complaints were "unfair".

"All everyone's hearing is the bad stuff.

"They're only humans and I think we expect far too much from them. They're doing lifesaving work.

"How is Bundaberg ever going to get any decent surgeons to come here?

"He'll want to pack his bags and leave and then where will we be?

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"Bundaberg has had enough bad publicity in the health industry when it's probably no different to any other regional town."

Patients needed to take more responsibility for their recovery too, she said.

"After you've had surgery you have the ball in your hands.

"It's very easy to get an infection...but it doesn't necessarily come from the inside. Sometimes it's not the doctor's fault."

"There are a lot of GPs out there I wouldn't visit. I would trust this man with my life and I did - twice."