Pauline Hanson as she appeared on the Queensland election hustings in 2009.
Pauline Hanson as she appeared on the Queensland election hustings in 2009. AAP

Pauline Hanson's back and ready to take on Queensland

SHE'S back... former politician Pauline Hanson has confirmed her return to the political scene and has not ruled out running at the upcoming Queensland election.

The controversial One Nation founder announced on the party's website she had once again taken over its leadership.

In her statement about a return to politics, Ms Hanson said she was disillusioned with the current crop of politicians.

"I was terribly concerned for Australia when first in parliament, but more so now," she said

"We are witnessing large amounts of our prime farming land and housing sold to foreign ownership.

"The push for multiculturalism is only segregating us as a nation and not uniting us as Australians with the same values, beliefs and laws."

Ms Hanson also took to the airwaves on Wednesday and told Fairfax Radio she was considering a tilt at a Queensland seat at next year's election.

She took a swipe at current politicians and said people wanted leadership not a dictatorship.

"I am sure your listeners are fed up with the corruption from MPs, we are sick of the lies and we are sick of them representing others before the interest of their own electorates," she said.

"We are sick of these people with their snouts in the trough."

Ms Hanson said she would not take on Queensland Premier Campbell Newman in Ashgrove, but hinted it could be a seat closer to Ipswich.

"I am not going to disclose at this stage what seat it would be," she said.

"It could possibly be around the area where I currently live."

She lives in Coleyville in the Scenic Rim.

Ms Hanson was convicted and jailed for three years in 2003 after being accused of dishonestly obtaining almost $500,000 in electoral reimbursements after the 1998 Queensland election.

She served 11 weeks behind bars before the sentence was quashed on appeal.

Ms Hanson has made numerous unsuccessful attempts in the following years to be re-elected to Federal and State parliaments as an independent.

She will address a special One Nation party meeting on November 29 at the Caboolture Golf Club.