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A peek back at 2015 through the Twittersphere

THIS year's biggest news events, tragedies and jokes have been highlighted in Twitter's yearly review.   

In a year of ongoing political movements and machinations, as well as huge sporting moments at home and abroad, from #auspols' big moment #LibSpill, hosting #CWC15, to Australia's first appearance at #Eurovision, Twitter was the place to follow the trends that interested Aussies the most.   

The key moments reflected in the highest trending hashtags locally in 2015 included a combination of politics, sport, news and television.   


Wide-ranging discussion of anything related to the world of Australian politics.


Australia's most popular and most discussed panel TV show which, let's be honest, pretty much runs on Twitter!


Now this was a big one. #libspill of course was the hashtag for conversation around Malcolm Turnbull's successful attempt to overthrow incumbent PM Tony Abbott. The hashtag covered speculation about a leadership challenge, the challenge itself and aftermath. Just on that one day we saw 670k Tweets on the topic.


The plight of refugees and the global people movement was a much discussed topic on Twitter in Australia.


Australia's biggest music sensation! These guys are loved all around the world and Twitter probably could've done a list just about them!



MKR was hugely popular again this year, so no surprise that it was the reality show we Tweeted about the most.


Footy. Duh


Footy. Duh V2


As the world's 14 best cricket teams did battle over six weeks, all of the tournament's special moments played out on Twitter in real time. There were more than 1.4 billion live views (impressions) of Tweets across every match throughout the tournament.


Eurovision has always had a large Twitter cult following in Australia. With Australia competing for the first time in 2015, Eurovision was even bigger than ever this year.

The Australian Golden Tweet

The Golden Tweet of 2015, the most Retweeted Tweet from an Australian, was from @Michael5SOS, Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds Of Summer.


He tweeted a shocking photo of his bandaged face after accidentally walking into a pyrotechnics display and burning himself during 5 Seconds of Summer's June 13 London concert, registering 162,497 ReTweets.