THE parents of journalist Peter Greste revealed their pain yesterday at seeing their son in an Egyptian jail.

Fresh from a two-month stay in Cairo, Lois and Juris Greste said their visits with the Al Jazeera English TV reporter in the harrowing Tora Prison were heartbreakingly short.

Peter Greste and two of his Egyptian colleagues were jailed last June after a court found them guilty of falsifying news and collaborating with the Muslim Brotherhood.

He has maintained his innocence and his family is desperately fighting for his freedom.

The couple urged Prime Minister Tony Abbott to raise their son's plight with Egyptian president Abdel el-Sisi at New York's United Nations General Assembly meeting.

"I would like to think that there is an opportunity to meet and perhaps remind President el-Sisi that while this matter, this case, goes on, clearly Australian-Egyptian relationships can never be the same as they were before December last year," Mr Greste said.

Mr and Mrs Greste said appeal documents against the seven-year sentence were in the hands of authorities but a court date had not yet been set.

They said the reporter shared a small cell with six other prisoners and was only allowed a visitor once every 15 days for 45 minutes.

Mrs Greste said the visits were too short, but there were moments of pure delight.

"At out last visit, with a great big grin across his face, Peter presented us with a loaf of bread that he had made," Mrs Greste said.

"This was no ordinary piece of bread because it was a sourdough.

"And so he had to actually build the culture up from scratch with basics of sugar, water and flour.

"It had taken him a couple of goes to do that but he had finally been successful and he presented this to us which was absolutely wonderful."