DOG ATTACK: Police were forced to shoot a dog after it attacked a man in Jandowae.
DOG ATTACK: Police were forced to shoot a dog after it attacked a man in Jandowae. Paul Donaldson BUN120617POL2

Police shoot dog after attack

A POLICE officer has shot dead a dog after it attacked a man in a Darling Downs town last week.

Jandowae officer-in-charge Sergeant Mark Avent was called to a property on Jimbour St about 8.30am last Tuesday, after a man, who was visiting his daughter and granddaughter, was bitten on the leg.

"There was a pigging dog out the front that had a long chain hanging off it," Sgt Avent said.

He contacted the Western Downs Regional Council animal control officer who said he would head to Jandowae from Dalby.

"I advised him I would attend the incident," Sgt Avent said.

"On arrival I saw the gentleman (who had been bitten) about 100 metres up the road from the dog... and I saw the dog running around a neighbour's house.

"It had them bailed up inside the house and was behaving aggressively.

"When I went to get out of the police car, it came and tried to attack me, so I had to get back inside the vehicle.

"I spoke to the council and they said I'd have to,due to its aggression, put down the animal just in case a child went past or kids were riding to school.

"So I shot the dog with my service revolver and the council came along and removed the animal and I notified the owner, who was at work in Dalby.

"Obviously he was upset by it but understood the police just didn't have any other option."

Sgt Avent said the dog, which had been chained on a run, had broken free and jumped a four-foot fence before roaming the streets.

A self-confessed dog lover, he described incident as "unfortunate".

"There are too many of those pigging type dogs at large at times and it is a worry because they're trained for a special reason, obviously for pigging-type activities.

"But, when they're running around the streets, especially 8.30am when kids are going to school, it's a major concern to police and concerned residents," he said.

Sgt Avent reminded residents to ensure their dogs were secure, as heavy fines apply if dogs are found on the streets.

"We ask everyone to keep their dogs in their yards at all times," he said.