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Accused: It's ‘not really a crime’ to smoke pot right?

A PIALBA father has tried to argue with a Hervey Bay Magistrate that he "hadn't really committed an offence" after being found with cannabis and fireworks.

The same man also told police he was going to smoke marijuana once his children had gone to school.

Brett Stephen Browne, who represented himself in court, told Magistrate Graeme Tatnell that because cannabis had been legalised in many places around the world, he was not really committing a crime.

However, Mr Tatnell disagreed and fined him $1000.

"You have to understand you have to comply with our laws," Mr Tatnell said.

"Get away from the drugs and you can be a normal person in the community."

Browne pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Thursday to possessing explosives, possessing dangerous drugs and possessing utensils used in a crime.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Michael Quirk said during a search of Browne's home on October 30 police discovered a number of bongs and glass pipes in a pool room as well as cannabis leaves in his car and prescription painkillers in his bedroom.

"He said 'it was mine and I was hoping to have some when the kids left for school'," Sgt Quirk said.

It was during that search police also found the small fireworks.

Browne admitted he had not been a public nuisance "in quite some time".

"I do have some issues with some people in Hervey Bay," he said.

As well as a $1000 fine, Mr Tatnell ordered the fireworks be forfeited.

Browne agreed to give up the fireworks but only if they were put to a good use.

The magistrate assured him that would not happen and they would be destroyed.