The boy's father found alarming Facebook messages and went to police. (File)
The boy's father found alarming Facebook messages and went to police. (File) pxhere

Predator lured boy through Facebook then raped him

A REMORSELESS sexual predator has lost a bid for a shorter jail term, despite the state's top judge saying he was too harshly punished.

David George Bouttell was jailed at Toowoomba District Court last year for sexual offending against a boy.

The offending emerged when the boy's father found Facebook messages Bouttell sent the child.

Bouttell was jailed for indecent treatment of a child under 16, using electronic equipment to procure a child, and rape.

But he told Queensland Court of Appeal his sentence of six years, with parole eligibility after three years, was excessive.

Bouttell was 18 and 19 at the time of the offences and the boy was about five years younger.

Judge Nicole Kefford at Toowoomba last year said Bouttell lacked remorse and his predatory behaviour involved a breach of trust.

The offences happened over about five weeks.

Chief Justice Catherine Holmes said the sentence failed to recognise "the important features of youth and the desirability of rehabilitation” in Bouttell's case.

The Chief Justice also said Bouttell pleaded guilty to four out of six charges.

She said the punishment was "not merely a severe sentence, but one that is plainly excessive”.

But Justices Robert Gotterson and Hugh Fraser disagreed.

"A more lenient sentence could have been imposed but I am unable to conclude that the applicant's sentence is manifestly excessive,” Justice Fraser said.

He also said two of the guilty pleas were late, made after the boy had already been subjected to cross-examination.

Bouttell's application for leave to appeal against the sentence was refused. -NewsRegional