HAPPIER TIMES: Lisa Hyde and Blake Garvey in a scene from the TV series The Bachelor. She has no regrets about the way it all turned out.
HAPPIER TIMES: Lisa Hyde and Blake Garvey in a scene from the TV series The Bachelor. She has no regrets about the way it all turned out. Contributed

Pregnant? It’s news to me says Bachelor contestant Lisa Hyde

THE Bachelor runner-up Lisa Hyde is laughing off the outrageous internet rumours about her.

In the wake of the highly publicised break-up of The Bachelor Blake Garvey and winner Sam Frost, there was speculation Garvey had got back together with Hyde and that she was pregnant with his child.

"It's definitely weird waking up and seeing online that you're pregnant," Hyde told APN.

"You've just got to laugh about it. I'm sure there will be more stories that are going to come out that aren't true.

"I can laugh and think 'oh that's just silly' but I think it's harder for Sam."

The 27-year-old fashion designer, who grew up at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast and now works in Brisbane, said getting dumped for Frost was a blessing in disguise.

"When it did happen I was heartbroken and devastated, but being able to watch the show back has been a blessing in disguise," she said.

"I look back and think we had more of a love friendship than being in love. It made me realise we wouldn't have worked together, as much as he's a great guy. I'm okay with how it's ended."

Hyde confirmed she has text messaged Garvey since the finale aired to make sure he was coping with the public backlash and media scrutiny.

"I was a little upset with him that he did do it (propose to Sam), but then again I can't help but feel sorry for the guy," she said.

"We all kind of lost ourselves in the end. The pressure was on. We'd been four months away from close family and friends and we were in this little bubble. I think that's where Blake got lost.

"He's made a few mistakes and he's going to regret it for the rest of his life but I don't think he should be punished."

Channel 10 is already casting for another series of The Bachelor and Hyde has some advice for the next crop of bachelorettes.

"Just stay true to yourself. It is a very daunting experience," she said.

"It's completely different to anything you'll ever do. Make sure you actually live in the moment and have a good time."

Lisa's answers


Q: Did you really love Blake?

A: I loved Blake but it was more in a friendship way, I didn't want the journey to end, I really enjoyed his company as well, I would have regretted it if I didn't say it.

Q: Would you go on The Bachelorette?

A: I would definitely need a bit of prompting to get in there, but if I'm still single next year why not? At the moment I'm a little Bachelored out.

Q: Do you regret bringing Blake home to meet your family?

A: Even though I don't think we would have worked, he's a nice guy. I think what was meant to be happened. My family are great people. My sister even asked 'is it okay if I send Blake a message to make sure he's doing okay?'