The Prime Minister has answered the questions: Kevin Rudd

FORMER prime minister Kevin Rudd has defended his successor Julia Gillard over calls she should answer questions about the Australian Workers Union "slush fund" she created as a lawyer in the 1990s.

"This will undoubtedly continue to be part of the political debate in Australia ... (but) I do believe the Prime Minister has answered the questions put to her so far," Mr Rudd said at a lunch in Brisbane on Thursday.

"I've been on the receiving end of questions like this myself in recent years, aka the celebrated case of 'ute-gate'.

"In the Parliament of Australia, the Opposition is going to ask you any question, any day about any subject, that's just fair cop."

Ute-gate, also known as the OzCar Affair, related to allegations Mr Rudd had acted improperly on behalf of a Queensland car dealer who was seeking financial assistance from a government agency.

He was cleared of any wrong-doing.

Mr Rudd's comments came as former AWU official Ralph Blewitt told reporters Ms Gillard had questions to answer over her role in establishing the slush-fund for her then boyfriend, AWU official Bruce Wilson.

Ms Gillard has consistently denied she had no knowledge the fund would be misused.