A Rolleston man’s out of prison drinks have landed him back behind bars.
A Rolleston man’s out of prison drinks have landed him back behind bars.

Prison release drinks put CQ man back in jail

A CELEBRATION for getting out of jail, which then got out of control, has landed a Rolleston man back behind bars.

Timothy Michael McFarlane pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday to two serious assaults of police officer, two assault police on licensed premises, two obstruct police on licensed premise, obstruct police, common assault while adversely affected by intoxicating substance, commit public nuisance on licensed premises and taking liquor onto or away from premises subject to subsidiary on-premises licence.

His defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said the 32-year-old’s most serious assault happened as police were putting him into a van.

She said in McFarlane’s drunken state he was flailing his legs, striking an officer in the throat, but he wasn’t aiming or attempting to hurt anyone.

She said the offending began when McFarlane was released from prison and decided he’d be fine to have a drink or two given he’d been in custody, despite previous issues with alcohol.

“He very quickly learned that that’s not the case,” Ms Ditchfield said.

“He has little recollection of the entire incident.”

Magistrate Bevan Manthey said he was concerned the initial offending had occurred on a train, which would have caused distress to witnesses.

Ms Ditchfield said McFarlane was extremely remorseful once he sobered up, even apologising to her for having to see the footage.

“He’s lovely guy until he’s on the grog,” she said, quoting a police officer.

He had planned to live in Rolleston with his parents, who had already told the only pub in town McFarlane was not to be served alcohol on the premises or takeaway.

McFarlane was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, eligible for parole on August 28.