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Producers admit to ‘free range’ pig failing

PORK producers misusing the "free range" label on their products have admitted to the problem and promised not to do it again.

A consumer watchdog investigation into the use of the free range label on pork products that might not meet the criteria was completed on Thursday.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission accepted court-enforceable undertakings from three major producers.

ACCC chairman Rod Sims said Primo Smallgoods, KR Castlemaine and Otway Pork all acknowledged they might have contravened consumer laws.

He said the producers admitted labels on their products were "likely to give consumers the impression the pigs were farmed according to free range methods".

"In all cases the producers have committed not to use the same descriptions unless their farming practices are such that at a minimum the pigs are able to move about freely in an outdoor paddock on most ordinary days," Mr Sims said.

The firms agreed to implement new consumer law programs and publish corrections.