BUYER'S MARKET: Brenda Logovik says now is a great time to purchase a home in Emerald.
BUYER'S MARKET: Brenda Logovik says now is a great time to purchase a home in Emerald. Taylor Battersby

Property market on rise

AFTER a quiet start to the year, the housing market

in Emerald is back on


LJ Hooker Emerald licensee Brenda Logovik said the rental market in particular had increased, with properties being rented on a consistent basis every week.

"It just went quiet a little bit - we had the holidays to contend with in April and now it's been regenerated again,” she said.

"When you look at the sold sections of it, you can see that the lower end of the market has been moving along nicely. There's been a lot of good open house days where people have been out and about looking for properties.”

Ms Logovik said she and her property management team had spoken to a large number of younger families who were looking to purchase their first properties in the area.

"Anything from $250,000 down is a great opportunity for younger families getting in the Emerald market. Now's the time to look at them (cheaper houses) while there is still some out there for sale and get a home for themselves,” she said.

The long-time Emerald resident said Sojitz Corporation's recent announcement they would be sourcing employees from Emerald and surrounds for the reopened Gregory Crinum mine had a positive effect on the property market.

"With Gregory Crinum reopening and the job interviews happening right now, it's a very exciting time for many people to get jobs,” Ms Logovik said. "Talking to many people, they have big smiles on their face - (they're) very happy to have an interview and are looking forward to their jobs.

"I think it's marvellous that they're doing that.

"We need that because we've had uncertainties over the years gone by.

"This gives families job security and job security gives Emerald growth, whether that be through sales or rentals.”

Ms Logovik urged anyone who was considering purchasing a home in Emerald not to wait.

"Those houses are out there now - don't wait for others in to come in (and buy them).”