A letter writer has taken aim at sites like Google.
A letter writer has taken aim at sites like Google.

Protect journalism from ongoing 'theft' of work

ONE of the enjoyable events left for people in retirement is to read their local newspaper every morning.

There is nothing better than reading stories from qualified journalists bringing us up to speed on events happening here in Australia and overseas.

Letters to the editor are a must read, often giving us a different perspective on what's happening in our backyard.

Sadly we see hundreds of journalists being sacked due to loss of revenue and profitability because Facebook, Google and other online "news" sites are stealing stories from legitimate news organisations.

It's time for our Federal Government to introduce legislation stopping these social pariahs from wreaking havoc on our legitimate news organisations.

Our "Fourth Estate" needs to be operating at full capacity to ensure investigative journalists probe the happenings of governments and big and small businesses.

It is suggested newspapers may be gone within two years, I sincerely hope this is not the case.